October 13, 2020 1 min read

Servicing a clock is really just another term for cleaning. Nobody can expect their car to run faultlessly for years without any maintenance. A full service involves complete disassembly of the movement, and every part will be inspected for signs of wear as well as missing, broken and failed parts.

Each of these parts is then cleaned, re-manufactured, renewed, repaired, restored, replaced and corrected before re-assembly.

We recommend that this is carried out every 10 years.

In the period between a full service, a lubrication service should be carried out every 3 years. This involves re-oiling the movement, which we would beseech you not to try yourself with your handy WD-40!

Clock oil is a thixotropic - it combines with dirt/dust/hair/moisture to form a syrupy coagulated paste, which in effect, clogs the moving parts of the the movement, causing them to run incorrectly, unsynchronise, and eventually jam, or stop altogether.

This can be prevented with the regular lubrication service, using the same oil each time, to save the fatal mixing of a DIY substance (eg WD-40) with the oil that we have used on your movement.


See below some 'before' and 'after' photographs of an 8-day movement in the servicing process:




We would always recommend you let a specialist clock repairer service your clock. At Clock Corner we have been servicing and repairing clock since 1974 so you know you are in safe hands. If you have any questions about your clock contact us, our friendly expert staff will be glad to help.

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