Clock Corner Shop  

Ian Smith, the founder of Clock Corner was born in Newton le Willows in North West England. An avid student of engineering and anything that ‘worked’ and needed maintaining and repairing, Ian was fascinated with the delicate intricacy of clock and watch movements.

In 1970, Ian took an old family watch to a watch repairer in Wargrave, Lancashire. This horologist, or clock repairer as they are more commonly known, was nigh on retiring having plied his trade in Wargrave for over 50 years, but was more than delighted to demonstrate his expertise and offered to train Ian to the standards we see demonstrated in Clock Corner today.

In 1974, after many hours spent observing, copying and honing his skills, Ian decided that a career progression was necessary and moved from being a chemist at Pilkington’s in St Helens to open the shop in Walton Road, Stockton Heath.

His simple intention was to guarantee excellence in clock repair, whilst also offering unique timepieces of all descriptions for sale.

Impressed with his dedication to customer satisfaction and his unique skillset, customers have continued since the first day, to bring clocks and watches of considerable diversity for adjustment and repair. Many amazing timepieces have passed through the company, from the wonderful skill of the 18th century master craftsmen which one can only marvel at, to the current day pieces.

Horology is hereditary according to legend, and Ian’s family have all served time on the workshop bench and their pleasant and informative customer service skills alongside their specialist expertise are well known and appreciated by customers throughout the UK. Keith, who has recently served his 20th year on the tools is responsible for moving the company to the position it occupies today.

Whether it be balance staffs, pendulums, flywheels, mechanical movements, chime rods, hammers or a quartz movement conversions, Clock Corner are committed to consistently delivering craftsmanship and customer service beyond expectation.

The clocks they offer for sale are all premium, individual items which give complete customer reassurance and peace of mind promising reliability for years to come. From Grandfather clocks to carriage, mantel, and wall regulators, in all timepieces exclusivity is ensured!